These are some of the COB's I have picked up along the way over the World Wide Web for the great game CREATUREs(c) by Cyberlife and Mindscape.

All downloads require a Zip/UnZip program that understands long file names and zipped directories, if you do not have one go to my Utilities Page and theres a link to WinZip.


CREATUREs COB's and their Descriptions Page 7
COB Name COB Description COB Picture & Download
Strained Carrots v2.1 10.29.97 Strained carrots are a food object with a high attractiveness and lots of reward and food value. Also a shot of Vitamin C. It is for teaching stubborn babies to eat. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Strawberry Milkshake Machine 10.29.97 The Strawberry Milkshake Machine will appear near the stove in the house. The Milkshakes have the following results to the norn drinking them: Need for Pleasue: -100 Hunger: -80 Sexdrive: +50 Glucose: + 90 Quantity: 1 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
Strawberry Short Cake Teach your norns that the cake is something to eat and they will love it. The Strawberry Cake has the following results to the norn eating it: Hunger: -150 Tiredness: -60 Glucose: +100 Vitamin C:+ 70 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Stun Gun The Stun Gun for your norns. You can place it anywhere you like. The gun can only be used while it is picked up, it deactivates when dropped (to prevent accidental firing :-). It will affect Norns and Grendels alike. The following will happen to the Creature that gets hit: Tiredness: +100 Sleepiness: +100 Sleeping Pill : +100 Quantity: 20 pc. Only 1 gun can be injected at a time. No Expiration 
(c) M.Boehler
Submarine SWS This COB is to remedy a defect in a small number of AMC Class 2 submarines that led to them taking on water and sinking. 
(c) Cyberlife
Suma Plant v1.0 Suma is a plant (herb). It behaves the same as other plant objects in Albia, but it is a hybrid, so it can be placed anywhere within the world and will continually replenish its leaves. The Suma Plant has the following effect on the Creature eating it: Sleepiness: +5 Pain: -200 Need For Pleasure: -100 Tiredness: -200 Fear: -50 Anger: -100 Reinforcement: +50 Starch: +20. 
(c) Nineva
Supafly Voodoo Badcat Dancin' Alien v1.0 Basically, this is just an Alien(a la the Alien films) that runs around Albia, struttin' his stuff. If you or your norns push The Infamous Dancin' Alien, he begins to get down and get seriously funky, dancin' up a storm to some groovy tunes. Many other effects depending on actions taken. 
(c) Ramses 5000
Super Aphrodisiac v1.1 12.04.97 A small pill and which has both aphrodisiac and possitive feeding effects. It has a higher Attractiveness: +25, and the following effects: Sexdrive: +255(Obvious) Nfp++: +150(Obvious) Glycogen: +255 It also feeds them! Sleepiness: -150 Wake up! Loneliness: +75 Feeling lonely? Go look for a partner! Tiredness: +150 Of course, they need to be rested. Hunger: +150 Lowers hunger, so that the norn can concentrate on making little norns. :-) 
(c) Ricardo J.Méndez
SuperCure is a new injection that cures most diseases and raises health levels.
Super Speech Toy The Super Speech Toy allows Norns (or Grendels!) on the go to learn new words without the aid of the computer. When the object is touched, it says a word 6 times, to make sure any creatures in earshot learn the word properly. By playing with this often enough, any Norn or Grendel can learn the complete language. 
(c) Lee Gaiteri

Spanish Super Speech Toy
The Super Speech Toy in Spanish works exacltly like the original Super Speech Toy. I've changed the object class and the sprites so you can use the original Super Speech Toy and the Super Speech Toy in Spanish in the same without problems. You can make a mix of both languajes or anything else you want. I hope you enjoy teaching your norns Spanish!

        (c)Paco González

spanish super speech toy
T-Rex 11.17.97 A norns best friend, a T-rex in the garden, beware if a Grendel comes in contact with, but it will not harm Norns in any way. He snorts as he makes his way around Albia and roars when pushed. 
(c) M.Boehler
Tamagotchi Virtual Life for Virtual Life! Tamagochi for Norns is a virtual pet. Playing with it will help reduce anger, lonelyness and boredom (in Norns, Grendels or perhaps yourself!) Tamagochi can really help out lonely Norns on their own, or angry Grendels. Just like the real thing, it seems to be somewhat addictive! 
(c) Parr Hesia
Tea Pot & Cup v1.1 What better drink for your norns on these wintery cold days than a cup of good ol' English Tea. This places a Tea pot on the stove in the kitchen and next to it a tea cup, when tea cup is empty place near tea pot and it will be refilled, similar in concept to the bee hives and honey. 
(c) Darcie Clements
Teddy Bear v1.4 10.29.97 This Teddy bear is a happiness object that makes a norn less lonely, less bored, and a little sleepy when the norn squeezes it. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Test Norn Egg The test norn Egg installs a egg (yes-really) with the original sets of norn genes creation engine of CREATURES. 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
The Pill Got a problem with sweet norns? Are they taking over Albia? Stop them! Now! The Pill tries to stop the sweet norns from getting babies. It raises the progesteron of all female norns with liveforce greater than 90%. Therefore it can't be used with 'holo doc' at the same time. 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Three Drinks Machine v1.0 Cola, Fanta and Sprite drinks for your norns. 
(c) Len Maessen
Tickets for the hand v2.0 10.29.97 
to Cannon 
to Desert Island 
to Grendel Tree 
to Falls 
to Garden 
to Herbs
Do you dread resetting your world because you have to reset all your "Favorite Spots"? Well, dread no more. Here are seven booklets of tickets to good places. Use one, adjust the view to your liking, and set the spot. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Tickle-Me Norn v1.0 11.23.97 Tickle-Me Norn cannot be picked up once out of the can. When pushed Tickle-Me does one of four random things, all of which relieve boredom and need for pleasure in norns. After about 1 minute of no activity, Tickle-Me returns to the can. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Graphics and Sound by Kingtut
Tickling Feather v1.0 This feather acts the same as the hand, tickling the norn when it's activated or touching the norn. 
(c) Daniel Smallman
Tomato Soup Very similar to the Coffee Machine but distributes Tomato vegetable soup. 
(c) Les Maessen
TV 10.29.97 The TV will appear outside the house in a new 'room'. The TV has the following results to the norn activating it: Need for Pleasue: +50 Loneliness: -70 Tiredness: +80 Boredom: -100 Quantity: 1 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
Universal Remover The ANYTHING REMOVER was created because we couldn't remember the class of one of our objects that we wanted to remove. Using this COB, you could, for example, remove all the teleporters from the world at the click of a button or two. 
(c) Sam & Joe
Universal Remover at Creatures, My Computers Got a Brain
VCR for TV 10.29.97 This VCR needs to have the TV installed first. The Video Cassette Recorder will appear on the already installed TV. DON'T INJECT THE VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER WITHOUT HAVING THE TV INSTALLED. THIS COULD CRASH CREATURES !!!!! The Video Cassette Recorder has the following results to the norns in shouting range: Sexdrive: +150 Loneliness: +50 Boredom: -100 Adrenalin: +40 Quantity: 1 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
Water Dispender A water dispenser for your norns, sooths anger and cools a fever. 
(c) Sparrow
Weed Hider The weed hider makes ordinary weeds invisible to Norns and Grendels, so that they can't be eaten. It doesn't delete them outright, in case you'll want to restore them later. The weed shower restores all weeds to visibility, making it possible for Norns and Grendels to eat them. 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Sorry No Picture
Weed Killer The weed killer is simply a script that, when injected into Albia, will eliminate all the weeds in existence. WARNING: The effect of this script is irreversible! If you want to maintain the weeds, just in case, back up your world. 
(c) NoRnGaL
Sorry No Picture
Weed Remover WEED REMOVER basically removes all weeds (Death Cap, Ugly Tomato, Baobab, Pyrethium, Nightshade, Campanula & Laburnum) from the world. 
(c) Sam & Joe
Weed Remover at Creatures, My Computers Got a Brain
Wine for Two v2.1 10.29.97 A vendor and two drinks. Each glass holds the same as a hooch can, though not as strong. When the glass is empty, it must be held against the wine bottle while the wine bottle is pressed. You can do this yourself by dropping the glass next to the bottle, and then pressing the bottle. See if you can teach your norns to "get drink" and then"press vendor". The bottle and glasses appear near the greenhouse by the garden. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
World Sign v1.0 10.29.97 For those of you into different norn worlds, heres a 9 letter sign 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
World Sign (Double) v1.1 11.01.97 For those of you into different norn worlds, heres a double line letter sign 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
X, Y Locator This COB injects a programming tool. It can be moved by clicking on the upper quarter of the tool. The location pointed to by the red arrow is calculated when the lower part of the tool is pressed. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
XTC Are the norns unhappy, bored, ill, tired,...? XTC makes norns happy AND healthy! WARNING: Your norns could get addicted! 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Zinger Blue Butterfly
Version 2.0
Its the new amazing zinger blue butterflies. Over years of time and effort this sub species of cloud layer butterfly roams free!!! Yes that's right it's exactly like the original!!! The same object # and everything! Since these species are so closely related, they do not affect each others ways and in a single world both can live and breed. You may even get crosses!!! This exciting new butterfly breed is brought to you by me, Darcie, the worlds least known cob creator. 
Version 2.0 eliminates the problem that caused Creatures to crash.
(c) Darcie Clements

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