These are some of the COB's I have picked up along the way over the World Wide Web for the great game CREATUREs(c) by Cyberlife and Mindscape.

All downloads require a Zip/UnZip program that understands long file names and zipped directories, if you do not have one go to my Utilities Page and theres a link to WinZip.


CREATUREs COB's and their Descriptions page 3
COB Name COB Description COB Picture & Download
Edible Snowman Instead of watching it melt how about a taste. Must have Christmas Pack Installed. 
(c) Brian Madden
Egg Candy Egg Shaped Food. 
(c) Brian Madden
Egg Candy
Egg Pauser Have you had some problems with Norns breeding without permission. Usually, while I'm attending to other matters, the wild eggs mature too quickly and begin to hatch before I can do anything. The Egg Pauser checks all eggs in the world. All that are not in the process of hatching become large and carryable, and will no longer hatch without the incubator. Eggs already in the incubator *should* remain unaffected, but this is not recommended! A word of warning: Your Norns will still be able to carry the eggs, and thus they can take them to the incubator if they know how. Posts on say that Cyberlife left some Norns alone for a while, and they figured out that putting eggs in the incubator would hatch more Norns. Be careful! 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Electric Fan The fan will appear in the hand of the user. The fan helps the norn activating it getting cooler on a hot summer day. The fan has the following results to the norn activating it: Hotness: -150 Energy: +100 Need for pleasure: -70 Tiredness: -80 Quantity: 1 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Encyclopedia Nornica v2.2 10.30.97 Five volumes of vocabulary lessons, with editing. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Energy Pill v1.1 12.04.97 This COB injects a food object that looks like a small pill and which has both aphrodisiac and possitive feeding effects. It has a higher attractiveness than the normal (30), and the following effects: Starch: +255 Gives starch, which is later turned into Glucose: +255 Gives glucose, which is later broken into Glycogen: Hunger: -50 Removes hunger a little hunger. Not too much, so that the norn can still desire to eat another one. 
(c) Ricardo J.Méndez
Fatty Chips Fatty Chips, yes potatoe chips for your norns, when consumed they have the following results: Hunger: -100 Vitamin E: +70 Hotness: +50 Starch: +90 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration. 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Fill Honey Pots Does exactly what you think it does... fills up all honey pods... 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Fireworks - Kevin Kerr version When you Import these fireworks they look like rockets , but when your norns ( or you ) press them they will shoot up into the Albian sky and when they reach a certain height they explode into a blaze of beautiful colors. 
(c) Kevin Kerr
Fireworks v1.0 10.30.97 - Sandra Linkletter version A Fireworks Launcher, resembling the Shee Seed Shooter except for black Xs on the side. It does not disappear with use. It appears near the garden. There are 8 types of Fireworks. They tend to come out between slightly left of the Launcher and far right of the Launcher. Fireworks are exciting to watch, frightening to hear, and painful to touch. The Launcher is exciting and non-painful. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
fireworks - Sandra Linkletter version
Please obtain @Slink's Burrow Online
Fish The following are very like the original ones from the game: Clock, Fish, Gold Fish, Humming Bird, Nesting Bird, Shower. 
(c) Brian Madden
Fish Food The food you hated as a child can now be loved by your Norns: Fish! Hunger:-250 Fatigue:-100 Sleepiness:-100 Glycogen:+200 
(c) Tamara Mackenzie, GNI
Fly Fish The fish will swim around in the ocean between the island and the lighthouse. 
(c) M.Boehler
Force Field A wall COB has been the most requested COBin the news groups! Well, after nearly 4 hours programming, testing, and debugging this relatively simple object, here it is, as promised, the COB they all said was impossible, the one and only (as far as I know) Force Field COB! This COB will block any Creature from the right and left when active, making it ideal for such tasks as quarantining sick norns and keeping the grendel out of the way. 
(c) Sparrow
Force Field Update
Need both Force Field and Update.

The Fountain of Youth
The fountain of youth cob is a shower object. It has many effects, the same as XTC for those of you who are familiar with it. It will raise the norn or grendel's health to hi 90's. It will usually put a smile on their face. All they need to do is push it. 
the fountain of youth
Freezer The Norn freezer can freeze nnorns or grendels, the freezing effect will last until the Norn is exported. The author found this EXTREMELY useful on Babies, you can freeze them by the Computer or Super Speech Toy and they won`t fiddle with the controls. Then just export them and Re-Import them and they will be back no Normal. I also used this on the Grendel and it worked great. You can use it on any creature in the game. 
(c) Pingz
Frog v1.0 This will inject a new animal for Albia: A frog. You will first get some frogspawn on the bullrushes, under the Herb Garden. After some time, they will hatch. You will then see a tadpole for each egg (that is 6 eggs). They will swim for some time under water, and will change gradually: first they'll push out the front legs, then they will lose their tail and push out their back legs. Finally, they will change into frogs which will appear on the right shore of the pond. Frogs eat dragonflies, bees, catapillars and Cave flies, but they don't get very far, they'll just stay round the shore. Try planting Beelocanth plants round and that way you can get some bees to them. 
When a norn touches (pushes) a frog he will experience: Coldness: +70 Fear: +20 Need for pleasure: -100 
When a norn eats frog spawn it has the following effects: Hunger: -100 Starch: +100 Energy: +50 
(c) Daniel Smallman
Globe This is a little toy for your Norns. It`s a HUGE globe of our world that they can carry around with them. This globe is a great addition to any Albia. Enjoy. 
(c) Pingz
Glycotoxin Infusion I know, I know.. it sounds kinda mean, doesn't it? But just think what it would do to a GRENDEL... Make sure you select the GRENDEL first though. 
(c) Sparrow
Gold Fish The following are very like the original ones from the game: Clock, Fish, Gold Fish, Humming Bird, Nesting Bird, Shower. 
(c) Brian Madden
Grapevine 10.29.97 The sweet fruit of the grape for your norns. The grapevine is located near the light house. If a norn eats a grape, it has the following results to the norn: Hunger: -100 Tiredness: -40 Need for pleasure: -50 Vitamin C:+ 90 Quantity: 1 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Green Apple Green Apples for your norns. Benefits: Hunger: + 30 Tiredness: - 90 Caugh Med: +150 Vitamin C: +100 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration on COB 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Grendel Button A Grendel Button into the garden. Push the button to select the Grendel and be brought to it. Norns and Grendels cannot activate it. Included is a Button Remover. 
(c) M.Boehler
Grendel Cage The Grendel cage will be imported into the garden. After the light stops flashing, the trap is set. When the grendel gets close to it, it will grab him and lift the cage up into the air. You can release the grendel by pushing the down arrow, the trap will reset in a few seconds. 
(c) M.Boehler
Grendel Doll The Grendel Doll is similar to a teddy bear and is called "shower" by the Norns and Grendels. Effects are: Need for pleasure: -100 Fear: -100 Loneliness: -100 Pain: -100. 
(c) Spotling

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