These are some of the COB's I have picked up along the way over the World Wide Web for the great game CREATUREs(c) by Cyberlife and Mindscape.

All downloads require a Zip/UnZip program that understands long file names and zipped directories, if you do not have one go to my Utilities Page and theres a link to WinZip.


CREATUREs COB's and their Descriptions Page 1
COB Name COB Description COB Picture & Download
Alarm Clock for CREATURES Once activated, the clock has the following results to the norns within shouting range of the clock: Anger: +20 Sleepiness: -80 Wake up pill: 150 Adrenalin : 20 Quantity: 10 pc. No Expiration. 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
Albia Objects v0.96 Original Albia Objects, nothing new just COBs(so no new sprites needed) to allow you to place your own Albia objects where you like, including: 
Ball, Bee, Bird, Campanula, Cheese, Cheese2, Clock, Coffee, Dispensor, Drop, Fish, Grendel Machine, Harp, Heli Toy, Honey, Jelly Fish, Lemon, Nightshade, Piano, Pyrthium, Sea-Horse, Trumpet, Ugly Tomato, and Waterfall. Some Objects could not be cloned. 
(c) Joe Fowler
Albia Objects
Alcohol The alcohol pack. The Cocktail is HIGHLY alcoholic so be carefull with it. Mountain Norns LOVE Vodka. Rainbow juice is good for everything as it is LOADED with herbs, alcohol, and all manner of chemicals from around Albia. Wisky is good for warming Norns up when their cold and calming them down. 
(c) Pingz
All Eggs Installs all 6 eggs of Creatures without any use of the hatchery... 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Ant Hill An anthill will appear in the garden. You will see a lot of ants running around. Some of them are carrying little pieces of leaves. When a norn or the user clicks on one of the ants, the ant will be crushed and a 'red' soldier ant will appear somewhere. Teach your norns not to touch those 'red' soldier ants, because they will cause pain. You can't crush the soldier ants ! 
If you touch the anthill, a couple of soldier ants and some flying ants will appear. They try to defend their ant colony. Those flying ants behave like mosquitos ! 
If a norn touches some of the 'normal' ants, it will start to giggle, because they are tickling. 
The ants like to eat cheese, honey and all that comes from the distillerie (they know what tastes!!!). They also like to eat caterpillars ! 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Anti-bodies 0, 1, 2, 3 Raises the Anti Bodies 0,1,2 and 3 of a norn to maximum! You can treat illness perfectly with it! (I have a Norn wich didn't produce AntiBody 7. It was ill all the time - now it is cured!) 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Anti-bodies 4, 5, 6 Same as Anti Bodies 0,1,2 and 3 but maximizes Anti Bodies 4,5,6 and 7! (This one saved the live of one of my Norns! I dedicate this to Sara (the Norn)!) 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Anti-bodies Injection Vendor This is a useful vendor of Antibodies injections. Thanks to these, norns can fight back easier future disseases.
(c)Daniel Smallman
anti-bodies injection vendor
Aphroditie "Aphrodite" The greek goddess will be placed on the island where she will over look the ocean and add class to your world. My next cob to be made will be possiden the ocean god. 
(c) Chris Aliotta
Apple Tree v1.1 The Apple Tree is a plant. It behaves the same as other plant objects in Albia, but it is a hybrid, so it can be placed anywhere within the world and will continually replenish its fruit. The Apple Tree has the following effect on the Creature eating it: Need For Pleasure: -20 Hunger: -50 Tiredness: -100 Reinforcement: +20 Starch: +90 Glucose: +80 Glycogen: +50 Anti-oxidant: +20. 
(c) Nineva
Aspirin Vendor The Aspirin is a COB developed to cure the pain of your creatures (if they are sick or hurt, it also cures depressions). The Aspirin will just cure the pain, it doesn't recover your norns to a healthy state. It works exactly like a real aspirin (or that's at least what I've tried). It is possible to experiment that your norns life force goes up when eating an aspirin, but it isn't produced because the aspirine has cured them, it just is produced because I've added them a nutritional component. Aspirins also causes somnolence so don't mix them with alcohol or your norns will get really drunk in seconds!! As there was no class for this object (there doesn't exist the class medicines...), this item should be called as food, so if you want your norns to eat an aspirin you shoul say "push food".
(c)Paco González
aspirin vendor
Baby Blanket v1.0 The Baby blanket reduces tierdness, decreases coldness, adds a little glycogen, and warms your norns. Use this on sleeping norns or on norns with the saturn gene.Also you can see through the eye's of the norn on the blanket so you can check to see if your norn is in there. 
(c) Chris Aliotta
Baby Dragon v1.1 - Chris Aliotta This is a cute baby dragon which will fly around albia and bring joy to your norns. He is a pet and can be picked up by the hand and the creature. He will not bite or harm your norn :-) Chris will be working on a Mother/Father Dragon cob. soon. 
(c) Chris Aliotta
Baby Dragon - Amanda Penney This is a cute baby dragon which will fly around albia and bring joy to your norns. He is a pet and can be picked up by the hand and the creature. He will not bite or harm your norn. 
(c) Amanda Penney
Baby Training Food v0.1 This will get your baby norns off to a good start on eating or just get those who wont eat to eat! It Is a great COB that gets your norns to eat. It includes modifications to the carrot, cheese, and lemmon. 
(c) Chris Aliotta
Ball Your original Creatures cob files for you to add more of them: Ball / Carrot / Cheese / Coffee / Heli Toy / Honey Jar / Jack in the Box / Robot Toy and Spinning Top. 
(c) Unknown
Barney v1.1 11.22.97 That Hatable/Lovable Dino from TV has invaded Albia. Barney cannot be used by the hand. He cannot be picked up. When pushed he dances, when pulled he gives a kiss, and when stopped he gets mad. 
(c) COB Programming by Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Sound Editing by Amanda Penney
Graphics by Kingtut
Bed Time Bear This toy is a toy for a norn in need of comfort, holding it gives a norn a sense that the world is a brighter, safer place. 
(c) Mark Ashton 
To use this you need to have the Creatures 1.02 update available from Cyberlife.
Beer 25.10.97 Beer for your norns has the following results to the norn eating it: Tiredness: +70 Pain: -80 Alcohol: +40 Sleep toxin: +10 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán
Bees & Honey Upgrade This updates the Bee hives and gives the bees a new lease on life. Try being nice to your bees. 
(c) Cyberlife 
To use this you need to have the Creatures 1.02 update available from Cyberlife.
Benji Benji is similar to Mark Boehler's dog, except the sprites are differentand more barking sounds. Spotling did the graphics to look like their dog. 
Need for pleasure: -100 Tiredness: -100 Loneliness: -100 Boredom: -100 
(c) Spotling
Big Book A Big Book for your norns which makes them less hungry, angry, lonely and tired as well as satisfying a few other needs. 
(c) David K.Olk
BiOsPhErE 6 Pack A 6 pack, Blood Drink, looks bad but is good for them, Carmal Apple to make sick norns healthy, Chocolate Milk for your Nonrs that are tired of Dutch Milk. Football Chocolate for your Norns to play with or eat, Gold Nugget Chocolate Bar is a gleaming treat for your Norns, and a Twinkie to lets them eat cake. 
(c) Original Author was mainly Stefan Kuske, edited & graphics by BiOsPhErE then re-edited and re-classed by Kingtut
BiOsPhErE 6 Pack
Birthday Card & Cake Birthday Card and Cake are what every norn needs atleast once a year, even in Albia. 
(c) Darcie Clements
Black Cat for Halloween Everyone needs a black cat on halloween, right? Well here it is. 
(c) Darcie Clements
Black Hole Patch v1.0 This COB edits Rooms 21, 22 and 23 in Albia. It hopes to close all three known black holes. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Black Hole Patch
BoomBox & BoomBoxes The Perfict thing for your teen norns to do, listen to music. You have the option of getting the Black BoomBox with the song Kokamo, or get the 3-pack which has a Red BoomBox which plays Jam, a Yellow BoomBox which plays Gt4, and a white BoomBox which plays Jungle Pop. All BoomBoxes are movable and playable but after a norn/grendle plays it only they can make it play. 
(c) Darcie Clements
BoomBox or the 3-pack BoomBox at Darcie's Homepage in the COB section at Random Access - By Darcie

Bouncing Cabbage
Import this object into Creatures with the Object Injecter.There is a slight graphic problem but otherwise this is a good cob.
Same as Carrot Varient.
Bouncing Cabbage
Breeding Booster A single injection will work on ALL species of Creatures and both sexes. It has no side effects that the author has found. It also adds nutrition to females and males can think about more important things then eating. It only last about 30 minutes on grendels and color norns but ocassionaly the creature will start to produce the missing chemical itself. 
(c) Darcie Clements
Bubble Wand The Bubble Wand will be attached to your hand. Place it wherever you like. When the bubbles are blown, nearby norns will experience: Need For Pleasure: -10 Boredom: -10 Anger: -10 Pain: -10 When a bubble pops, nearby norns will experience: Fear: +05 Boredom: -10 Need for Pleasure: -10 Anger: -10. 
(c) M.Boehler
Cabinet Shelf v1.0 This is a cob that creates a shelf on the cabinet. (in the same room as the incubator) You will not be able to see it, but you can easily place objects (or norns) on top of the cabinet. 
(c) Casey Coco
Cabinet Shelf
Candle A heater variation called candle to warm your norns. It has 5 settings from warm to flaming. WARNING: Be careful when the Candle is on high, if a Norn picks it up, the wax will melt onto it`s hand and burn him/her. When you inject the candle it will be on the lowest setting. 
(c) Unknown
Carrot Your original Creatures cob files for you to add more of them: Ball / Carrot / Cheese / Coffee / Heli Toy / Honey Jar / Jack in the Box / Robot Toy and Spinning Top. 
(c) Unknown
Carrot Beetle The Albian carrot beetle can strip the carrot patch, so keep it away from the norn's food. 
(c) Cyberlife
Carrot Variants These carrots have an advantage of a genetically engineered thick skin which gives them unusual properties when dropped, also makes them immune to carrot beetle attacks. 
(c) Cyberlife
Carrot Vendor: Genetically Engineered This vendor will vend one Genetically Engineered carrot into your world for your norns to eat. These carrots are generally more nutritious than regular carrots, and they decrease fear too. 
(c) Sparrow

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