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These are some of the COB's I have picked up along the way over the World Wide Web for the great game CREATUREs(c) by Cyberlife and Mindscape.

All downloads require a Zip/UnZip program that understands long file names and zipped directories, if you do not have one go to my Utilities Page and theres a link to WinZip.



CREATUREs COB's and their Descriptions Page 5
COB Name COB Description COB Picture & Download
A new food for your norns.  They eat it off the ground at this time but the author is working on fixing that.
© Bibble
Joke Book The joke book is a toy that makes creatures laugh. It has the following effects on the Norn or Grendel that uses it: Need for pleasure: -70 Boredom: -100 Anger: -60 Loneliness: -20 It has these effects on all other Norns or Grendels in earshot: Need for pleasure: -20 Boredom: -50 Anger: -30 Loneliness: -20 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Kite A kind of stunt kite for CREATURES! Activate the kite by klicking on it. The norns in shouting range to the kite will get the following results: Need for pleasure: -100 Tiredness: -50 Bordeom: -120 Reward: +30 Quantity: 5 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Kitty The Kitty is similar to Mark Boehler's Doggy. Effects are: Need for pleasure: -100 Tiredness: -100 Loneliness: -100 Boredom: -100 
(c) Spotling
Komodo Dragon Komodo Dragon is similar to Mark Boehler's Doggy. Need for pleasure: -100 Loneliness: -100 Boredom: -100 Anger: -100 
(c) Spotling
Kumquat The hyper citrus. This magical fruit when ingested will make your norns(or GRENDEL) VERY happy, by removing all of the bad drives and emotions and boosting the reward chemical to full. BEWARE it can be addicting. note: it also boosts their health to 100% for a short time. 
(c) Sparrow
Lady Bug This is a Ladybug that flys around Albia, if the Hand picks it up, it will struggle. Norns can eat it (If they can catch the little guy.) 
(c) Pingz
Lamamine Herb v1.0 & v1.5 Lamamine herb is based on part of the background picture. It's a painkiller which when eaten grows back 10 secs (approx.), one only should be imported into your world and are unmovable (unless you cheat). This herb is very similar to the other herbs in Albia, the herb also has side-effects. 
(c) Sam & Joe
Creatures, My Computers Got a Brain
Loakoon Laokoon Statue for your norns. Once installed in your world it will affect all creatures in front of the statue with the following results: Need for pleasure: -50 Boredom: -50 Fear increase(don't know why?!?!): +10 Energy (because of some magical effects): +70 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Magical Mask A magical mask for your norns sexual pleasure! Inject this cob file if your norns are always hungry (while discovering Albia), don't have any sexdrive and no energy. Klick on the mask and all norns in shouting range to the mask will get the following results: Sexdrive: +200 Hunger: -200 Energy: +150 Reward: +50 Quantity: 5 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Mantis Another small insect for your garden, the dreaded praying mantis. 
(c) Unknown
Many Cheeses This cheese has the same properties as regular cheese. The only difference is that these COBs inject many, many pieces of cheese all at once into either the garden or the cellar. This is helpful if you plan to leave your Creatures game running for a long time while you are not at your computer. 
(c) Spotling
Martian Cheese v1.0 A version of the Moon Cheese, same general effects. 
(c) Len Maessen
Milk Bottle v1.0 This is a Milk Bottle for your norns to drink. It has the following effects on them: Hotness: +50 Glucose: +100 Starch: +200 Glycogen: +200. 
(c) Daniel Smallman
Mint Plant v1.0 Mint is a plant (herb). It behaves the same as other plant objects in Albia, but it is a hybrid, so it can be placed anywhere within the world and will continually replenish its leaves and flowers. The Mint Plant has the following effect on the Creature eating it: Pain: -50 Need For Pleasure: -50 Hotness: -100 Tiredness: -50 Anger: -50 Starch: +20 Glucose: +50. 
(c) Nineva
Mona Lisa Mona Lisa in your lower art gallery. When a norn admires this fine piece of art the following happens: Need for pleasure: -75 Boredom: -75 Sexdrive: +50 Reward: +70 
(c) Frodo Bris
Moon Cheeze & Dispenser This object looks like normal cheese (apart from the fact that it is green), when eaten, it powers up whoever eats it (with a couple of wyrd side effects, nothing particually bad though). Just try it. :) 
Mooncheese's answer to the carrot dispenser. 
(c) Sam & Joe
Creatures, My Computers Got a Brain
Mouse The mouse frightenes some female norns, but also gives them some pleasure! Frightenes: +50 Need for Pleasure: -50 Quantity: 10 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Graphics by Nemes Zoltán

This is a healthy mushroom you can feed your norns. The effects of this mushroom are nothing like the effects of the Death Cap. This one is completely harmless. Your norns can't pick it up but you can put it wherever you want. It will grow back after your norns eat off of it.
©R&J Rodriguez
Music Change This will change the radio and jukebox so that they play different songs. You were probably getting tired of hearing the same old music. 
(c) M.Boehler
Mutant Clock This will change the behavior of the clocks in Albia so that they will chime if Norns, Grendels, or You push it. 
(c) M.Boehler
Mutant Smashing Jugs v2.0 10.29.97 12 earthenware jugs in random locations around the Albian mainland. These are just Mark Ashton's Smashing Jugs with six random sounds for the "smash". 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Nesting Bird The following are very like the original ones from the game: Clock, Fish, Gold Fish, Humming Bird, Nesting Bird, Shower. 
(c) Brian Madden
Niquil Your Norn have symptoms of the common cold? Well give NiQuil a try! It's patterned after that sneezying, coughing wish I could sleep medicine. A dose of this will surely relieve those symptoms and give your Norn some well needed rest. 
(c) David K.Olk
Norn Doll v1.0 The Norn doll is a toy for Norns and Grendels to make them a bit less lonely, angry, etc., and to remind them to eat food. The effects are highly experimental, since this is the first COB to do anything neurological. Creatures can squeeze the doll to make it say "mommy" in a Norn voice, or they can kiss it. The doll has these effects when the creature picks it up: Need for pleasure: -30 Loneliness: -60 Anger: -100 Food neuron in Source lobe: 200 Pull neuron in Verb lobe: 50. When kissed, the doll has this effect: Loneliness: -20. If you touch the doll with the hand, it will say "mommy" and have an affect on all Norns or Grendels in earshot: Need for pleasure: -10 Loneliness: -30 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Norn Undertaker v1.0 Well, norns have feelings too I'm sure, and its pretty bad to see one of your loved ones lying around, waiting for the computer to remove it. The norn Undertaker removes the dead bodies, and tries to calm down the nearby norns. 
(c) Ricardo J.Méndez
Norn Undertaker
Object-B-Gone Spray Remover 12.07.97 Use this handy-dandy spray can to quickly and easily remove those unwanted objects that are cluttering up your Albia. Just one squirt and the offending object is gone! This will only work on COBs that have been injected into Albia. The original Creatures objects cannot be removed. The exceptions to this are: you can remove the grendel, grendel mother, and the weeds. But be careful! If you accidentally spray this on an object you did not want to remove, you cannot UN-remove it. You will have to inject that object again. 
(c) Mark Boehler
Octopussy V1.0 Thanks to stefan kuske for his Spider cob. This injects a octopussy in a aquarium in your world, and when a cave fly hits the aquarium, it will droun, and then be eaten by the octopussy. 
(c) Len Maessen 
*First Download and Install the Spider Cob to let this one work!*
Orange Tree - M.Boehler Version The Orange tree will be appear on the dock above the submarine cave. Only one orange will grow on the tree at one time. There can be upto 10 oranges in the world before the tree will stop making more. When an orange is eaten, the norn will experience: Need For Pleasure: -50 Hunger: -50 Glucose: +50 Glycogen: +50 Vitamin C: +50 Energy: +20 Pain Killer: +20 Cough Medicine: +50 Quantity: 5 pc. No Expiration 
(c) M.Boehler
Orange Tree v1.1 - Nineva Version This Orange Tree is a plant. It behaves the same as other plant objects in Albia, but it is a hybrid, so it can be placed anywhere within the world and will continually replenish its fruit. The Orange Tree has the following effect on the Creature eating it: Need For Pleasure: -10 Hunger: -50 Tiredness: -100 Cough medicine: +30 Starch: +50 Glucose: +200 Glycogen: +100 Anti-oxidant: +20. 
(c) Nineva
Made around the same time as Mark Boehler's Orange Tree but quite different.
Another little critter for your norns to play with.
© Bibble
Party Bear This may look like a regular teddy bear, but be warned... this one doesn't make the norns sleepy, it maxes out their sex drive and pumps them full of energy! Get ready for a hyper norn when you see one of them hug this... 
(c) Gromit
Pear Tree v1.0 Albian Pear Tree bears a typical pear. When eaten ripe, have the following effects on the norn: Vitamin C: +200 Vitamin E: +200 Glucose: +50 Glycogen: +100. 
When a Norn east a rotten fruit though watch out!. 
(c) Daniel Smallman
Pink & Popping Impatien Plants Pink Impatiens Plants and Popping Impatiens Plants for your Norns and Grendels. 
(c) Spotling
Pink Lemonade Machine v2.0 10.29.97 This drink cools and refreshes the norn. The empty bottles are biodegradable and disappear after being dropped. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Pizza Why not let your norns and grendles injoy pizza too. This cob will alow you to add a hole box of pizza or a single slice. 
(c) Darcie Clements
Plant Pack
An assortment of plants that are moveable
© Bibble
Play Pen The playpen is a place you can put babies (Norns and Grendels alike) to play in safety while you attend to other things. It appears near the incubator, to the right of the lift--about the spot where Norns are imported. Adult Norns and Grendels can be picked up and placed in the playpen if you are using the Darwin/Doctor cheat. You can put toys and food in the playpen to keep your babies happy. Creatures cannot activate the playpen. 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Popcorn Machine Give your norns the one thing they are missing when they watch movies, the popcorn. 
(c) November
Power Infusion Powers up your Norn (starch,saccarin,glucose,glycogen) No known side effects. Caution: Norns could get addicted to it! 
(c) Alexander Laemmle

Power Injection Vendor
This is a useful vendor of POWER injections. Thanks to these, norns can increase
their Life Force.
(c)Daniel Smallman
power injection vendor

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