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These are some of the COB's I have picked up along the way over the World Wide Web for the great game CREATUREs(c) by Cyberlife and Mindscape.
All downloads require a Zip/UnZip program that understands long file names and zipped directories, if you do not have one go to my Utilities Page and theres a link to WinZip.
CREATUREs COB's and their Descriptions page 4
COB Name COB Description COB Picture & Download
Grendel Export If you want to get rid of the grendel but you don't want to kill him, use this cob file to export the grendel. After you've injected it into you world the grendel is selected as the actual norn and the export creature dialog box will appear. Now you can export (and import) the grendel. 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Grendel Guard v2.1 10.29.97 The ultimate in Grendel Control! This COB injects long-lasting protection against Grendels. Once a minute Albia will be scanned for Grendels. If one is found, you will be taken there to observe it's demise. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Grendel Killing Machine Inject the Grendel Killing Machine into your world with the object injector. It will appear in your hand. Click it to kill the grendel. After that the machine will destroy itself after a few seconds. 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Grendle Selector This COB file selects the Grendel as your current creature. (If you have more than one, it doesn't select at random; it just selects whichever one it finds.) This is useful for training the Grendel. For example, one way of keeping it away from your Norns is to wait until it's looking at a Norn, then inject the sucker with fear infusion (heh heh heh). 
(c) Lee Gaiteri
Grendel Toxin In the jungle is your grendel machine, click on the toxin and it will destroy the grendel machine. After that the toxin destroys itself... There won't be any new grendels anymore. 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Grendel Trap v1.0 10.29.97 Humane Grendal control! This COB injects a vehicle which acts as a grendel trap. It will only be spring when pushed by a grendel. It can be moved around by first pressing on the truck to turn on the engine, and then pressing any of the four sides. There is a safeguard to prevent the trap form disappearing completely off the top or bottom of the screen. Turn the engine off to stop the trap from moving further. When a grendel has been trapped, the key will flash. You may release the grendel by pressing on this flashing key. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Grendel-X v2.0 10.29.97 Grendel-X COB injects a food object that is fatal to grendals only, and will not harm norns. When the grendal eats the Grendal-X a banging noise is heard as he disappears. If a norn eats it, there is a chewing noise but nothing else happens. There is also a remover COB. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Ground Level Meter This COB injects a programming tool. It can be moved by clicking on the top lefthand part of the tool. The numerical display is updated by pressing in the center of the meter. The first number displayed is the number of ground levels defined in the sfc file in use. The second number is the number of pixels in each segment of ground level. The third number is the ground level at thet east-west location. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Grubs This will inject 12 Grubs which will crawl around the tunnels of Albia. Grubs are a great source of nourishment for your troglodyte norns. If one Grub is smashed or eaten, another falls down to take its place. Included is a Grub Remover. No good cob should be without one. Grubs will give the norn who eats it the following: Hunger: +100 Need for Pleasure: +50 Glucose: + 50 Starch:+ 50 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration 
(c) M.Boehler
Guitar An Electronic Guitar for your Norns/Grendles. When a creature plays it, he will be made alert by the sound. 
(c) Pingz
Halloween COB Pack This Hollween COB pack contains the following: 
Decorate the house with Hanging Bat Decoration. WARNING: Hanging Bat Decoration has NO remover, but will dissapeer in time. 
Kids favorite halloween treat and norns too, the candy skull. 
This goodly ghost is a toy for your norns to playwith. 
Kids favorite treat and norns too, the hotdog. All we need is a baseball game :) 
Decorate the house with Jack 'O Lanterns. WARNING: Jack 'O Lantern has NO remover, but will dissapeer in time. 
A Rocket that flys up into the sky. This Rocket is based on The Kite. 
Decorate the house with statue of a huge Grendle for the Garden, after time it melts in the sun. 
(c) Pingz
Happy Halloween COB Pack The following are included is this version of the halloween pack: 

Pumkin Pie, overall it is just a fun Treat!!! 
Jack "O" Lanter, when brown it gives off no heat. When Orange it gives out a low amont of Heat. When Red it gives out alot of heat. Click on it to change the settings. 
Trick Or Treat bag, it gives comfort to young norns and some older ones like it as well. It is verry cute to see them carry it around. 
Bubble gum, a piece of pink bubble gum. you norn can swalow it hole. Overall just a treat. 
Hard Candy, overall just a yummy treat. 
Nerds the candy, overall just a yummy treat. 
Sucker or Loly pop candy, overall just a yummy Treat. 
King Size Chocolet Bar, it last many meals before disapering. It is a comferter. Overall it's a yummy treat as well. 
Hallowen Kitten, this cofrets norns. It dose not move bye itself, but when held it lays down and when sat down it pashently wates to be held agen. 
Pumpkin Seeds, this is a helthy snack that will worm up your norn after a long night of trick or trating. 
Bite size chocolet bar, overall just a yummy treat. Only worth one bite in comparasin to the kings 5. 
(c) dc13
Happy Juice Machine v1.1 Will make you happy along with your norn. It will make your norn smile from ear to ear and bring up health to 99%!!! Very good Cob. 
(c) Chris Aliotta & Amanda Penney
 Happy Juice Machine v1.1 
Heli-Toy Your original Creatures cob files for you to add more of them: Ball / Carrot / Cheese / Coffee / Heli Toy / Honey Jar / Jack in the Box / Robot Toy and Spinning Top. 
(c) Unknown
Holiday COB Package Holiday COB pack this one includes the following goodies: 

Angel Doll: Decreases Pain, Need for Pleasure, Loneliness, Fear 
Candy Cane: Decreases Need for Pleasure, Hunger, Boredom, Anger 
Corn Cob: Decreases Need for Pleasure and Boredom; Provides Starch and Glucose 
Jack-O-Lantern: Decreases Need for Pleasure, Fear, Loneliness, and Sleepiness 
Nutcracker Doll: Decreases Need for Pleasure, Tiredness, Fear, Boredom 
Pumpkin Pie: Provides Reward, Starch, Glucose, Glycogen 
(c) Spotling
Holo Doc Holo Doc will test your norns and heal them when they are ill... 
(c) Alexander Laemmle
Honey Pots Your original Creatures cob files for you to add more of them: Ball / Carrot / Cheese / Coffee / Heli Toy / Honey Jar / Jack in the Box / Robot Toy and Spinning Top. 
(c) Unknown
Honey Pots, One Feeding These special honey pats are for those times your norn is hungry and there is no food to be found. 
(c) Cyberlife
Hootch Shelf and Kitchen Table Modifier This COB will create two new rooms that will allow you to place object on the shelf near the hootch still and on the table in the kitchen. It should not affect any other aspect of the game. 
(c) M.Boehler
Horn of Plenty v2.0 12.05.97 This COB injects a vendor object that produces three food objects when activated by either a norn or the hand. Only the hand can carry the Horn of Plenty. It takes some time for the Horn of Plenty to install itself because it dispenses any one of ten types of foods at random. 
The foods and their credits are as follows: 
Cyberlife: Cheese & Turkey & Pudding & One-Shot Honey Pots (break when dropped) 
Stefan Kuske: Chips & Apples 
Mark Boehler: One-Shot Carrots (no regrow) 
Kingtut & Sandra Linkletter: Cola 
Sandra Linkletter: Strained Carrots & Chocolate Bunnies. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Hot Air Balloon v2.0 12.01.97 The Balloon is a vehicle that can be made to go up, down, left and right easily by the hand, and with slight difficulty by norns. Comes with emergency recall button. 
(c) Sandra J.G.Linkletter
Hot Tea v1.0 Hot Tea is a drink. It is very similar to Lee Gaiteri's Chicken soup, but it has slightly different properties. (No chicken, no tannins or caffein, completely vegetarian). Thanks Lee. Hot Tea is always comforting, but is especially good for sick Norns. The Hot Tea has the following effects on sick Norns each time it is sipped: Hunger: -50 Coldness: -100 Hotness: -100 Pain: -100 Starch: +100 Glucose: +100 Glycogen: +100 Reinforcement: +50 
Hot Tea has the following effects on healthy Norns each time it is sipped: Hunger: -20 Pain: -50 Coldness: -50 Starch: +20 
To make sick Norns want to drink it, Hot Tea periodically stimulates any creatures that are touching it. On touch, Hot Tea has the following effects: Pain: -10 Hotness: -5 Coldness: -5 Hunger: +5 (direct; does not use hunger++ chemical). 
(c) Nineva
Humming Bird The following are very like the original ones from the game: Clock, Fish, Gold Fish, Humming Bird, Nesting Bird, Shower. 
(c) Brian Madden
Ice Cream The ice cream will appear near the stove in the house. The Ice Cream Cobs have the following results to the norn eating it: Need for Pleasue: -100 Hunger: -80 Hotness: -120 Glucose: + 120 Quantity: 25 pc. No Expiration 
(c) Stefan Kuske
Jack-in-the-box Your original Creatures cob files for you to add more of them: Ball / Carrot / Cheese / Coffee / Heli Toy / Honey Jar / Jack in the Box / Robot Toy and Spinning Top. 
(c) Unknown


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