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Third Party COB Authors
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Authors Authors Homepage
Chris Aliotta
Bibble's Creatures World
Mark Boehler
Frodo Bris
Darcie Clements
Random Access - By Darcie
Dark Elf
The Dark Elf's Creatures Page
Lee Gaiteri
The Norn Underground
Paco González
Parr Hesia
S. Kalynuik
King Tut's Place
Stefan Kuske
Alexander Laemmle
Alexander Laemmle's unofficial CREATURES page
Sandra J.G.Linkletter *
Brian Madden *
Len Maessen *
Ricardo J.Méndez Hacking Creatures
Moonlite *
NoRnGaL *
November  *
David K.Olk *
Amanda Penny *
Pingz  *
Ramses 5000 *
R&J Rodriguez *
Sam & Joe  *
Daniel Smallman *
Sparrow *
Spotling Spotling's Norn and Grendel Paradise

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